As a C level executive moving ahead the digital transformation era, have you ever considered streamlining the content value chain and capitalizing on the digital convergence to deliver a unique and personalized customer experience?

As digital convergence takes a toll with content consumers shifting rapidly to multi-device multi-platform landscapes, the media and entertainment industry is in a dynamic flux to be more agile and innovative to know where their consumers spend their time; to distribute their content effectively within a fragmented market. With the multi-channel streaming services and digital reality disrupting the market, the real issue today lies in how effectively you create content that reflect global audience’s interest and distribute them in their choice of format keeping the consumer at the core of the content journey.

Through With a sound expertise in the Media & Entertainment industry, Ignitho follows our unique IOIO framework; a four-step process to empower you to manage multiple content pipelines and optimize content visibility through developing new business models with the help of emerging technologies.

Segments we focus





Print and Publishing

Filmed entertainment

Public Relations (PR)

Our Value Add

Innovation-led digital product engineering

Disruptive unique methodology for product development that put in place a 4-stage transformational process which integrates into a single & seamless end-to-end idea to product transformation.

Digital convergence

We help you through the evolving reality, combining all of the media features from multiple devices into a streamlined, united and computerized communication system.

End-to-end services

Our business expertise and infrastructure ensure maintenance even after deployment

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